PWG member since 2009
Toby found herself unemployed in 1997 and began job training classes at the Displaced Homemaker Program at Bronx Community College. After completing her training, Toby was hired by the program and worked for almost six years as a Counselor.  She provided résumé assistance, business techniques, and taught the very courses she had taken.  Due to budget cuts in 2004, Toby was once again unemployed.  Toby was introduced to Dress for Success for a suiting after lining up her first interview.
Toby is a professional artist and gets a great deal of satisfaction from this work and plans to continue creating, exhibiting and selling until she can't move anymore! To supplement her income, Toby created her own business, "At Your Service," which will provide temporary or part-time assistance to anyone who needs a companion, caregiver, business assistant, home and pet caretaker, driver, and other service she can offer to ease people's lives.

Toby is also extremely dedicated to her community.  She is co-founder of the Hutchinson River Restoration Project, volunteers at a senior citizen program, and supports the annual March Women's Herstory Month celebration on City Island, NY, which she began over 25 years ago.
"From the first time I went to be suited, I felt supported, encouraged and validated by Dress for Success. Since then, the Professional Women’s Group meetings have given me the opportunity to share successes and defeats with women from all walks of life. Dress for Success has provided me with many resources and valuable information and continue to give me the reassurance that I am a competent, skilled woman in the business world."

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